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What is the most important thing about buying an Opal?

Personal preference: Each and every Opal is unique, therefore it is up to individual taste. Even though Red is the rarest and most valuable colour, it may not suite everyone's personal taste.

Where do the Opals you sell come from?

Australia produces over 96% of the world's Opal, so all of our Opals are sourced from mines in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. The majority of our Opals are mined or cut by us.

Can I get my Opal wet?

When triplets were first produced, over 50 years ago, the resin used to glue the layers was not waterproof. The current joining treatment involves an extremely strong-bonding resin set using UV heat, similar to a filling at the dentist, so they should last a lifetime. Solid Opals are not affected by water, but we do recommend that doublets are kept out of water. This is due to the fact that doublets are often made on the opal fields, so we can't guarantee glue strength.

Are Opals fragile?

With normal wear, an Opal should last a lifetime. As with most gemstones, in extreme circumstances they can be damaged, such as being subjected to extreme heat or cold, or a heavy blow. On the Mohs scale, Opal hardness is around 6.5-7.

How do I tell if my Opal is solid?

The Opal Industry in Australia is very reputable, and should give you a full description of your Opal. Also, if you can see the side of the stone, a Triplet or Doublet will have a definite straight line where the layers have been glued.

How do I care for my Opal?

Opals do not require any special treatment or care - treat them as you would any other precious gemstone. The stories that Opal needs to be kept in a humid environment, kept out of direct sunlight or need to be treated with baby oil are not true. We recommend that you remove your opal ring prior to any activity that may scratch the opal such as sport, gardening etc.

Where did the Opal myths come from?

Around 130 years ago, when Australian Opal was first sold at Auction House in New York and London, Diamond Merchants were concerned that the popularity of Opal would damage their market, so they made up blatant lies about Opal.

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